From the recording Muse

Dedicated to Thích Nhất Hạnh
Music & Lyrics by Erin Inglish
Banjo & Lead Vocals: Erin Inglish * Clawhammer Banjo: Sharon Martinson
Harmony Vocals: Sharon Martinson, Ray Duncan & Grace Gipson
Fiddle: Robert Hansen * Bass: Dylan Johnson


Give me the strength on the day I’m born
And I will walk even when my shoes are worn
Ohhhhhhh, hmmm

I met a man, there was pain in his eyes
I wonder why he does not cry?

I met a girl, no shoes on her feet
I wonder why she does not eat?

We came to a river as black as ink
Will we float? No, we’ll surely sink

My smile is gone, where did it go?
It melted away with the cold rain and snow

My smile is gone - but don’t you worry
The dandelion (...) has my smile