From the recording Muse

Music & Lyrics by Erin Inglish
Banjo & Lead Vocals: Erin Inglish * Fiddle & Harmony Vocals: Rosalind Parducci * Mandolin: Arlo Blaisus * Bass: Dylan Johnson


A child of the time of the great Dust Bowl
Knows time is more than money or who you know
Hands on the banjo, countin’ telephone poles
Cruisin’ down the backroads where no one’s in control
This machine is ready to roll

If we’re lookin’ for answers, we won’t find them here
We’ll search until we’re tired and angry and fearful
Our heads are in the sand at the final frontier
Shootin’ at the sky like some kind of bombadier

Down from the mountain to the watering hole
Come crazy looking people with their buckets of coal
Build another boomtown, there’s fire in the hole
It drops me to my knees as it all unfolds
This machine is ready to roll

We’ve been gettin’ down since the days of old
There ain’t nothin’ universal like that good ol’ Rock ‘n’ Roll
It’s a small, small world - or so I‘m told
That’s why I choose love instead of silver and gold
This machine is ready to roll