1. Monsoon Season

From the recording Muse

Music & Lyrics by Rosalind Parducci, Arlo Blaisus & Erin Inglish
Fiddle & Lead Vocals: Rosalind Parducci * Banjo & Harmony Vocals: Erin Inglish * Mandolin: Arlo BLaisus * Drums: Shawn Alexander Collins
Sax: Jake Hammer * Bass: Dylan Johnson


No one conclusion, this evolution
They call it progress, cannot abide by this
We’re stuck in traffic, what about the magic?
Turn down your frantic - relentless, ain’t got no quit

I’ll take you back to fun, everybody needs someone
Big Data, Big Fever, so much overachiever
Put down your guns! I can’t contain myself
I’ll tell you just this once - put down your guns!

Clouds are movin’, Rain gonna come soon
It’s monsoon season, Let go your reason
Keep dancin’ on, keep dancin’ on

No one is empty, Nothing is plenty
I’m talkin’ madness, I’m talkin’-sanity
I’m in the slow lane, Put on a rosy frame
Walk on a limb with me like you got nowhere (nowhere to be)

The monsoon season is here you know
Clouds beget rain and maybe get the river flowin’
Party for no reason and everybody’s goin’
Stringtown’s getting’ down and everybody knows

Come on...shimmy to the left, shake it to the right
Make your money maker make your body feel all right
Shake your shimmy shaker, make your shaker nice and tight
Everybody’s got it now! Do it with a friend!
When we get to this part now, do it all again!

Talkin’ about a...substitution constitution evolution revolution
A no pollution resolution contribution absolution
A shooshan Lucian lilliputian retribution distribution
A no more execution prostitution devolution