From the recording Muse

Music & Lyrics by Erin Inglish
Banjo & Vocals: Erin Inglish * Harmony Vocals: Ray Duncan T Fiddle: Rosalind Parducci * Mandolin: Arlo Blaisus * Bass: Dylan Johnson


I feel the dun drum hum on my skin
An organized bomb, a car engine
Layer after layer of agitated air
Like a solar flare

There’s a tasteless tickle in my mouth
Like a swarm of insects are tryin’ to get out
An irritating tingle stings my teeth
Like the buzzing of a bee

Everywhere in my ears ‘till I hear the drone
Everywhere in my body ‘till it shakes my bones
Everywhere in my eyes ‘till I go blind
Passive aggressive killer of my peace of mind

I smell the baking of a bulb in the room
Sloughed off shoes, shit perfume
Layer after layer, it bakes on hot
Like sedimentary rock

For whose good fortune did I leave you there
In spite of your smile, I knew you were scared
Of a solitary cell with nothin’ but a light
Nothin’ but a light