Still Standing in North Dakota: #NoDAPL Continues

Panorama of Standing Rock, by Brittany App

Panorama of Standing Rock, by Brittany App

MORE Donations Needed + NEW Original Painting & Prints for Sale to Support Next Trip


I successfully made one trip to Standing Rock accompanied by good friend, photographer and documentarian, Brittany App, during the last two weeks of November, carrying with us over $15,000 in supplies and donations. THANK YOU, San Luis Obispo County (and beyond)! You are incredible. YOU are ever present at Standing Rock - in person, in spirit, in energy...and supplies! 

For our trip in November, you donated over $5000 for bulk purchases (building materials, work gloves, reflective barrier, rebar/stakes, boots, food, storage containers, batteries, hand warmers, tape, tools, etc.), and over $10,000 of goods (solar panels, frozen meat, jerky, canned food, winter clothes, fire wood, propane, butane, headlamps, solar chargers, wool blankets, heavy duty work gloves, wool socks, sage, medicine, etc.).

I am returning to Standing Rock in December when the weather permits, and there are many others leaving this month as well. The goal of my next trip is to deliver another shipment of supplies and to help on the ground with winterization of living quarters - this ended up being my most useful contribution during my first trip. This will include designing, building and training others on how to install water, air and radiant barriers inside of teepees, tarpees, wigwams, tents, trailers, domes and other domaciles.  

My van was FULL on the first trip (wow!!! SLO County, you rock!!), and I aim to gather enough supplies to fill my van again - and maybe even other vehicles in the caravan! - to further make the trip worth while. Anything you can donate in-kind will go, and I will fill the rest with large-ticket or bulk supplies purchased from donations on this page, in addition to making sure I am prepared to be self-sustaining while living at the camp (a prerequisite for showing up). 

Donations delivered to Standing Rock from SLO County. Thank you! (Photo by Brittany App)

Donations delivered to Standing Rock from SLO County. Thank you! (Photo by Brittany App)


If you would like to send supplies, we have five drop-off locations around SLO County: 

NOTE: NO more clothing is needed with the exception of wool socks, heavy duty work gloves, and professional quality sub-zero winter jackets, pants, shoes, etc. I was asked to transport back about 18 trash bags of "winter" clothes not suitable for the climate. Thank you!

UPDATE 5/5 and special requests from the Rosebud Sicangu camp thanks to the incredible Sheila Lamb: "Hi Erin, Everyone is doing well and continuing to dig in deep....Still need eggs and breakfast meats. Lunch meat and bread. The usual items.* Also brown sugar. Wood and other larger items too* ....Thank you and thank your family, friends, and community please." *Please see the list above in this post and on the websites above for other supplies needed. Thank You! Mni Wiconi!


We will be picking items up regularly, and we will make sure they get delivered ASAP! Donations for bulk purchases out of SLO and travel costs can be made on my website (below) and you can send support directly to the tribe and camps at: 

Thank you for your support as we turn this recent small victory into a check-mate! Aho! 

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To support my efforts, please choose from any of the art for sale on this page, or use the DONATE button below to give a different amount without a pledge item. Funda raised on this page will go toward the delivery of supplies to Standing Rock this winter. Aho! Thank you!

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