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Erin Inglish's newest album, Muse, features nine tracks of original music lush with groove-laden, "blues-grass" banjo riffs, Inglish's  honest and powerful vocal stylings - pure, soulful, and gritty at the same time - and a brilliant cast of guest musicians including local jazz maestra Inga Swearingen, Celtic-inpsired duo the Strintown Ambassadors, Steve Amadee of The Subdudes and many more.

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Where There Once Was Water by Erin Inglish and Arlo Blaisus. Monsoon Season by Rosalind Parducci, Arlo Blaisus, and Erin Inglish. All other songs by Erin Inglish. Produced by Erin Inglish. Engineered by Ryland Veesart and Erin Inglish. Where There Once Was Water mixed by Les Kahn. All other tracks mixed by Erin Inglish and Ryland Veesart. Mastered by Erin Inglish and Rick Sutton at Sutton Sound Studios in Atascadero, CA (USA). Graphic Design and cover art by Erin Inglish. All photography by Brittany App. All rights reserved Erin Inglish Music © 2015

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