Join the Team! Part Time Internship – Music Management

Part Time Internship – Music Management

LOCAL TO SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY! We are looking for one or more incredible interns to join our team - might this be you?


Job Description:

Americana music artist Erin Inglish and her team are are currently seeking hard-working, enthusiastic and business and technology savvy interns who are looking to gain experience in music management and work directly with the artist and the music industry.


Starts immediately (late 2015), open-ended duration. Initially unpaid, could turn into a commission-based and/or paid job, and/or a management contract. There is immediate potential for commission on some Artist Projects (such as booking shows, and/or music/merch sales).

Depending on interest and skills, interns could be assigned to assist in some or all aspects of one or more Artist projects, such as:

  • Conducting market research, analysis, and networking

  • Designing graphics for music packaging or merchandise, posters, press releases, etc.

  • Producing and/or editing basic video materials (music videos, promotional videos, etc.)

  • Participating in Artist marketing and promotions (internet, radio, TV, print news, blogs, etc.)

  • Scheduling recording sessions, rehearsals, lessons, meetings

  • Representing the Artist on Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)

  • Managing digital and physical music and merchandise sales

  • Booking and promoting shows across the USA and internationally

  • Licensing, Submitting, Tracking of Artist songs (various licensing/tracking bodies)

  • Carrying out General administrative duties (client phone calls, post-office run, etc.)

  • Attending industry conferences, meetings, expos, workshops, etc. with and/or on behalf of theArtist

  • Managing Tour and/or travel for the Artist and team, potentially travel on tour with the band


Job Requirements - Interns must:


  • Be able to start as soon as possible (as early as September, 2015)

  • Be dependable and a pleasure to work with

  • Enjoy and excel at communicating with other people in person, on the phone, and via written message

  • Be professional and function well in high-profile social or corporate business settings or events

  • Have a great attitude, interested learning, be capable of self-managing and teaching others

  • Be detail-oriented, organized, and thorough with tasks and projects

  • Have access to a computer with internet access and be tech savvy with common programs (word, excel, various internet networks and portals such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

  • Be ready to learn new skills, programs, methods, etc. for music and artist management

  • Have access to reliable transportation, a valid drivers license and insurance, must have a cell phone

  • Have some experience and at least an immensely huge interest in the music and/or entertainment industry from a business perspective

  • Have some experience in or at least an immense desire to learn more about music marketing, promotions, graphic design, or PR

  • Should have knowledge of Americana music and culture in some or all demographics, regions, styles, etc.

  • Be available for 10 to 20 hours per week for at least 12 weeks, this could be spread out over 2 to 5 days per week.

  • Be available to start immediately, no later than October, 2015.

  • Should have completed first year of college or equivalent; may inquire about using internship for college credit.

About the Artist:

Based in San Luis Obispo county, California, Erin Inglish is a professional banjo player, singer and songwriter in the international acoustic music scene. Inglish’s performances proffer passionate lyricism, toe-tapping grooves, and striking reflections about the state of the modern world. She has toured over around the country and internationally with her banjo, over 2,000 miles of this by bicycle. Anticipating the release of a new album in later 2015, Muse, Inglish is collaborating with new-folk group Stringtown Ambassadors for the recording project and a tour (Oct-Dec., 2015). Inglish is the organizer of the annual Banjo Babes Calendar & Album - the third edition of this will release in late 2015 as well. "Her melodic optimism is a lighthouse calling the rest of us to pay attention to our highest pursuits." - Fan, North Carolina. (Learn more at


Contact Information & Application Instructions:

Please send a resume and cover letter to Erin Inglish and her team at:

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