Guest Artist

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The Parkfield Bluegrass Festival, 1st St & Oak St , Parkfield, CA 93451

Parkfield is a picturesque hamlet secluded in a coast-range valley 25 miles northeast of Paso Robles, surrounded by grassy rolling hills and covered with majestic valley oaks. Such breathtaking natural beauty provides an ideal venue for a bluegrass festival.

For the past decade music fans in steadily growing numbers have savored Parkfield's natural beauty and peaceful ambiance. Every Mother's Day weekend finds this sleepy little paradise transformed into a veritable bluegrass dream. Nature's soothing sights and sounds combine with the soulful high lonesome sound of bluegrass music. It's an experience that almost defies description - live bands on a cozy stage in a backyard setting that makes you want it to never end.

Mother's Day weekend - Thursday, May 9 thru Sunday, May 12, 2019 - will find Parkfield once more transformed into bluegrass nirvana. As in past years, on-going improvements have been made to better accommodate campers who come to enjoy the tranquility of this incredible place...and, of course, the music!